The South Beach Bundle

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South Beach Quick Dry Towel


 Live Sandy Slim Can Coolie


Towel Band


Coral and Sea Foam Green Quick Dry Beach Towel

  • 35 in x 70 in

    • Quick Dry -  Premium microfiber dries faster than a cotton beach towel
    • Sand Free - Give it a shake and watch the sand fly off!
    • Absorbent - One pass and you're bone dry
    • Compact - Fit a family's worth in your beach bag and still have room for your essentials. Perfect for traveling, hiking, camping, yoga, swimming, and more! 
    • Lightweight - Weighs a fraction of a conventional beach towel for extreme portability
    • Elastic Strap- Keeps your Live Sandy towel rolled up neatly. Check out our video for a how-to guide!
    • Hanging Loop-  No more blowing off in the breeze! A side loop helps it hang securely
    • Travel Bag - Comes with a travel bag for easy storage and hassle-free carrying. The bag also doubles as a great pouch for seashells, suntan lotion, etc.


 Slim Can Cooler

These skinny can coolers will fit White Claw, Truly, Michelob Ultra, Red Bull, Bud Light Seltzer, seltzer waters, etc.  Will also fit most 12 oz beer bottles, such as Bud Light. 

Towel Band

That feeling as you watch your towel get knocked off into a puddle of water or blown off your chair into the sand...UGH. With the Live Sandy towel band, say goodbye to trying to dry off with wet, sandy towels!  Your towel will stay put and stay clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Belinda Barker
Love them!

I haven’t used it on the beach yet but purchased the as Christmas present but very happy with them

Christian Jimenez
We love it!

These towels are amazing and so big! I am 6’4” and fit on the towel perfectly! Not to mention it packs up tiny to fit any any bag and go with me anywhere!